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6 Things to Keep You Entertained in a Power Outage

Power outages are never fun. You’re plunged into the pitch black. No TV. No communication. Just depths and depths of deep black.

It’s even worse when it happens in a work environment! There you are, typing away getting your work done. And then bang. The cog is lifeless.

Well fear not! Here we’re going to give you some ideas to keep yourself and others around you entertained until things are up and running again.

Let’s get started…

Oh! Before we begin I must say that most of these activities require some form of light. So make sure that you’re stocked up on candles and batteries for your torch!

Invite the neighbours round

If you’re at home and the power goes give a thought to the people on your street. Is there anyone who’s been put at risk by the dark? First and foremost you should do your bit, throw on your cape and save the day.

Head round to anyone elderly in the neighbourhood and offer some help. They might just appreciate the company and it means that you can pass the time.

In a worse case scenario they could have injured themselves. And you might have turned up just in time.

Love thy neighbour.

Build a den

This one’s great for any one with kids. Grab your bed sheets, cushions, and anything else you have lying around and build a den. It’ll help keep your little one’s mind off the darkness and it’ll pass the time for you.

If the power outage is long, elaborate on your den. Try and build the biggest you can!

Eat by candle light

Now you’re obviously not going to be able to whip up a 4 course meal. But sandwiches will do just fine. Pull out the dinner table and light a candle.

Head out for a walk

This is the perfect opportunity to get away from all the tech and gizmos and be one with nature. Throw on your old walking shoes and hit the road for a few hours. It’ll pass the time and it’s great for you.

Play cards

That deck of cards that’s been sitting in your kitchen cupboard since you moved in? Well you finally get to use them. There are an endless amount of card games that you can play by candle/torch light. You could even make some up.

Perfect for all the family (and neighbours).

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is great fun with power. But it’s even more fun with no lights. You and your friends can traipse the hall by candlelight looking for that hidden person. Split up into groups and ferret them out!

So there you go. 6 fun ideas to keep you occupied during a power out.

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