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3 Things You Should Expect from a Rapid Response Generator Hire Company

Pick up the phone to call an emergency generator hire company and you expect a standard service level from the beginning, you need power in a hurry and can’t afford to hang around.

We know this at Generator Power and we get this too, our aim is to provide you with a fast, responsive service to help you out in times of crisis, call us and we’ll soon have your power restored.

We’re not sure what the standard of service is like from other businesses, at the very least we believe an emergency generator hire company should provide you with this service level as part of their business model.

24 hour call out

How can you hire a generator if you can’t rely on the company to be with you 24 hours a day? Emergencies don’t happen at set times, they can strike in the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night, so you need peace of mind and know your emergency power company will be on call 24-7 to give you all the support you need.

Rapid repair call-out times

Sadly generators are machines and like all things mechanical, they are prone to breakdowns from time to time. This is unavoidable. What you can avoid is the need to wait ages for your generator to be fixed if it has any issues.  Our call-out times are some of the fastest in the business, we’ll definitely be with you in less than 4 hours; in reality it’s more like 2!

Spares on demand

There’s not much point calling out to fix a broken down generator if you don’t have the spares handy to cure the fault.  Our engineers know how to fix faults fast, they carry the spares they need to keep generators running and know our hire fleet like the back of their hands.

Your power problems are our concern at Generator Power, try us and you’ll love our customer-focused service.

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