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Meet our new Sales Engineer, Riaz Majothi

Here at Generator Power, we’re constantly trying to create the strongest possible team we can, so that we can continue to improve and expand on the already excellent service we offer our clients. By bringing people like Riaz Majothi onboard – who recently joined as a Sales Engineer – we’re confident that we can continue to grow from strength-to-strength. Here is a little bit about Riaz, and what he’ll be doing at Generator Power, in his own words.


Having been in the construction industry for my entire career, I actually began as a bricklayer, before graduating to site management. Via a brief stint in recruitment, I joined a small tools and plant company before ultimately landing here at Generator Power. Looking after both the South West and South Wales, I will be aiming to look after and service existing clients to the high standards we aspire to, whilst also trying to bring us in new business whenever possible.

I love that my new role will allow me to meet new people everyday, and that no two days will ever be the same, with fresh challenges arising that have to be solved and helped. While it may not be for everybody, I really like that my job gets me out on the road – seeing new towns, cities and villages where various businesses are based is a real perk, and that makes servicing clients and closing new deals that much sweeter.

To succeed in a role such as mine, I feel that you have to be a good listener, with patience. Allowing clients both new and old to communicate with you clearly is essential, especially if there is an issue present that they’re coming to you to resolve for them. I truly believe that trust is the backbone of good client relationships, and more clients are likely to work with us and keep working with us if that bond can be formed – so I always look to treat those we work alongside with the level of respect they deserve to cement that belief.

I’m hoping to get our company and kit out to as many people and places as possible in my new role, by highlighting both the quality of service and product. Generator Power haven’t had a dedicated member of staff working in the areas of the country that I will be focussing on for a little while, and although that could initially pose some difficulty, I’ve no doubt that we’ll get to where we want to be before long. While this role will be my primary focus, long term I would like to grow in to a position that would allow me to work with younger members of staff, sharing my skills and experience in order to mentor the next generation of sales personnel to succeed.

Of course, there is still plenty of development I am looking forward to in my own career, and I believe this role and company are the right fit in order for me to learn and grow in to an even better and more effective salesperson. I have already learnt so much from those around me at Generator Power, with the likes of Steve our MD, Simon our Sales Director, and James, Susan and Anne all helping to bring me up to speed and ensure that I haven’t gotten stuck!

While I’m away from work, I love to go to the gym as much as I can, enjoy boxing and am an avid watcher of sport, whilst also getting involved with local charities wherever possible. I would like to think my active lifestyle away from work feeds in to how I am during business hours, as I’m always willing to go the extra mile for my clients, which is likely why so many have stayed with me throughout my career. I’m extremely happy to be part of the Generator Power family and how life here has begun, and can’t wait to see what the future here holds.